DIY pencilcase

I cant believe it. I have actually sewn a thing that you can use in real life !!! Well I shouldn't really take that much credit for it: my best friend helped me (a lot) with the sewing part, but the design drawn on the textile is actually mine ;) and I think the finished work looks great and its also practical for the new school year.
By the by my school is starting in 10 days and I'm so freaking out cause, hell I'm scared!!!


of tea and chess

...or more like tea and water colours. Yesterday seemed to be the perfect day for visiting a friend (whose blog you can check out here ) in the outskirts of Vilnius were her grandma lived.


Family remembrances

I spend some time looking through my grandmothers old photos. Some of them are really random and could even pass as art. Here are some I liked.


An Apology

No, I haven't died...yet
Lately with the ending school year I was just so busy getting my work done I completely abandoned my blog as well as many other things... I think that having a lot of work is not really an excuse to do so and believe me when I say that I feel guilty as hell!
Ether way I had a lot of things going on lately and I feel the need to tell you a little about them :)
Starting with the end of the school year I have successfully finished this school year (which seemed to be like the worst school year in my life) and I will be starting my new one in Berlin !!! And now your lie wait, WHAAAAAAT? Right now I live in Lithuania, but I will be moving to Germany..well not really moving since I have a home there already, but nevertheless changing my location of constant presence. again.
and I will be attending an international school. again.
and the ALD studio which I'm a part of has filmed a new movie. again.
and I  was on a school trip to Hungary. Yay !!!
and I have been to Italy this summer already. again.
and Ive started a new project. again ( which includes a lot of drawing so I will post some pics when I'm done)
and I'm planing to post A LOT more on this blog. again.

ok. That's enough, but for real now? I hope to resume this blog and make  things right again...aham

Damn !


I don't know if you know this already, but I belong to the epic and all mighty ALD studio ! If you know Lithuanian you can read about it all here in my best friends blog. To all the others ( or rather no one)  the ALD studio is a film production studio made up of friends that use their summers to make movies. Yup and these are my sketches for the new summer film that we are making. Not really professional but I'm trying to do my best here.


Moulin des nonnes

I came back a week a go from my trip to France. Just with all the school stuff that overwhelmed me, I hadn't had a minute of freedom to post these Polaroid pics I made of the "nuns". Sorta creepy, but fascinating as well.... The women we met said that the place she lived in used to be a mill that belonged to some nuns therefore she decided to set up these...sculptures(?) of nuns all around it. 
Anyway since I have holidays this week I will try to post some more stuff



My new master piece! I'm actually starting to learn how to sew and it turned out that its not THAT hard... although... the book said that I would only take an hour to make the skirt. It took me six hours, but here is the result of hard consistent work and I love it even if I cant ware it now (because it will hang on my wall) it will be a remainder that I can do anything if I try hard enough.